About Our Work

It all began with a problem that required a unique solution. As the solution was refined and the need was met, the process was created and the business was born. And that’s the story of pretty much every business you know, including yours.

No one knows more than you do about how your business meets the needs of the marketplace. That means that when it comes to what you do, you’re a marketing genius. 

And you have to be, because marketing involves everything from product development to the way you answer the phone. 


Our expertise lies in helping you communicate, develop relationships with potential clients, and create a digital, curated persona.



David Morris

Strategic Director

David is a teacher, storyteller, and content producer, and leads the work of Persona Media Co. With a broad base of experience, including financial and data analysis, he works to bring together an intuitive grasp of analytics, marketing strategy, and creativity to achieve effective outreach for businesses, non-profits, and churches. He holds multiple Master’s degrees, and enjoys woodworking, science-fiction, and spending time with his wife and daughters.

Julie Morris

Creative Director

As creative director at Persona Media Co., Julie helps small businesses and nonprofits meet the digital age with an integrated marketing plan and data-driven outreach strategies. Her most fulfilling work is on weekly strategy calls with amazing folks who lead initiatives, helping them build marketing plans and navigate challenges. Her work has supported a broad base of clients, from national political figures to local independents she met in a coffee shop. She holds a BA in Business Economics from California State University, Long Beach.

Persona’s team spans the globe, and includes specialists in a multitude of disciplines, with headquarters just outside Fort Worth, Texas.

Ready to learn exactly what to say and do online, and achieve effective marketing?

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