Thought Leadership for the purpose-driven leader

Your thought leadership will inspire and impact many. We’re here to help you move hearts, minds, and create action. With our team of strategists, ghostwriters, podcast and video producers and designers, your thought leadership will move forward with ease and impact.

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Thought Leadership is a big job. and with our team, you're not on your own.

Moving the needle starts with moving people. Purposeful thought leadership creates meaningful connections, long-term relationships and positive change. Persona makes that happen by leveraging the right expertise to nurture and adapt to your unique brand, with the commitment and ease of an in-house brand team.

Mobilize your brand with actionable one-on-one guidance from trusted strategists.

Mobilize your brand with actionable insights from trusted experts.

Tell your story with must-have, on-budget promo videos and more.

Implement purposeful campaigns across the right platforms

A website gives you a platform so you aren’t reliant on social media to curate one for you. 

Build relationships and boost conversions with strategic communication.

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It Takes A Village

Making positive change requires the passion of many people, but finding those people requires the passion of different people. Us! Leveraging marketing to move people to realize, follow and join your mission is our corner of the village.
There you’ll find our network of colleagues ready to do what it takes meet your organization’s goals. Let us be your next step in making positive change.

“I had the pleasure of working with Julie and her team on a special project for our nonprofit organization. I reached out to her for help around storytelling and she as well as her team provided above and beyond support! Not only did she help us put together a powerful visual presentation, but she also provided coaching and guidance on how to most effectively verbally communicate our vision and goals. Julie is an expert in helping leaders grow in their thought leadership.”

The DEC Network

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“What a godsend Persona Media has been to me getting a new startup up and running! Having the right people in my corner is EVERYTHING, and gives me the confidence to grow the business even more.

I’m so grateful to call Persona not only my marketing department, but friends. Here’s to finding people who make magic!”

The Weekend Type

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“Julie and David were a complete joy to work with. I am so grateful that I found Persona Media.

From the first day, Julie had a process that was organized. She listened to my dream and we talked about how to make that something tangible. Julie was knowledgeable, well researched and efficient. She had deadlines, scheduled calls, consistent updates, honest feedback and most importantly beautiful results.

My site is now mobile-friendly and updated to better show potential clients my services!”
EE Photography

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“LOVE Persona Media Co! Julie is such an encourager and has helped me with everything from brainstorming, marketing, fundraising, events, and design! She is such a joy to work with and I always leave our conversations inspired!"

Twelve 12 Ministries

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“Julie took the time to assist me on an RFP issue soon after an introduction by a highly respected colleague. She was able to ask clarifying questions and help me to see areas realistically, and those things that were out of my control. She provides an ambitious approach to new business accounts and goal-setting.”

Renée Frazier, MBA
A La Renee Professional Business Management & Consulting

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It's time to build your influence & audience. Your thought leadership journey begins here.