• A trusted advisor to help you engage and powerfully connect with your clients
  • A mobile-friendly website that didn’t cost half your Q2 revenue
  • Must-have, on-budget promo video
  • Purposeful campaigns across your social media platforms
  • Insightful marketing data

“Julie and David were a complete joy to work with. I am so grateful that I found Persona Media.

From the first day, Julie had a process that was organized. She listened to my dream and we talked about how to make that something tangible. Julie was knowledgeable, well researched and efficient. She had deadlines, scheduled calls, consistent updates, honest feedback and most importantly beautiful results.

My site is now mobile-friendly and updated to better show potential clients my services!”

Erin, EE Photography

Korie 2

“What a godsend Persona Media has been to me getting a new startup up and running! Having the right people in my corner is EVERYTHING, and gives me the confidence to grow the business even more.

I’m so grateful to call Persona not only my marketing department, but friends. Here’s to finding people who make magic!”

Korie, The Weekend Type

Effective marketing is the difference between surviving and thriving.

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