The World Is Changing.
Keep Up.

Time for some hard talk. There are more and more people that primarily experience the internet through social media. They’re not likely to go to your website unless they absolutely have to. They aren’t interested in static content or long, descriptive narratives.

Social Strategy

Like it or not, things are changing. If you’re not capitalizing on social media, you’re missing out on an increasingly large segment of the population. Or maybe you’re trying to do social media, but not seeing much return on your labor.

Let’s take a look at your social media together, find opportunities for increased exposure, and target your audience to increase your influence. From there we can leverage your influence effectively to meet your goals.

Work Highlight

The Weekend Type

When the business owner is an artist and a graphics designer, you would think social media would be a piece of cake. But customer conversion isn’t that straight forward.

Our client loved producing beautiful graphics, but struggled with batch scheduling, data analysis, and, hey, let’s be honest. Selling. Persona filled in the gaps and targeted the company’s social media efforts toward customer conversion.

Services we Provided:
Consulting, Social Media, Email Marketing, Content Development

Moving the needle means moving people.
Let’s get moving.