Professional guidance from the team at Persona

We’d love to talk with you! We’ll offer a free consultation to anyone, but some of our clients need ongoing help that falls outside our normal services.

If you’re the DIY type, but not sure what you should actually be doing, give us a call. We offer a wide range of coaching packages, from a simple one-on-one call to a conference with several of our team members, including specialists in specific areas.

Our coaching packages start at $75 and hour, and can cover anything in our wheelhouse!

Work Highlight

When we met the team at iHope, they were in the middle of a big transition, and raising support to increase the size of their team and the reach of their ministry.

We put their partnership development process under the microscope and helped them make some critical changes to their “ask.”  Through weekly meetings, we supported them through their first annual benefit gala. Within a few short months, their number of monthly donors increased by over 50%.

Services we Provided:
Consulting, Video Production, Content Development

iHope Ministries

Moving the needle means moving people.
Let’s get moving.