Building your Influence with Content Marketing (part 1)

Last Sunday I sat down with my wife and two daughters to watch Super Bowl LIII. Uuuuuuugh… In case you missed it, it was the lowest scoring game in Super Bowl history. Now I’m hearing the ratings set an eleven year low. And with a thirty second commercial costing over five million dollars, you can only imagine the grief of the companies that bought that ad time.

Compare that to content marketing.

That’s a term you may never have heard, but you’re exposed to it all the time. (You’re being exposed to it right now!) Content marketing is a strategy that educates and provides service without explicitly promoting a brand product. So if Nike puts a video on YouTube on how to choose shoes for your foot shape, that’s content marketing. If KFC produces a commercial talking about eleven herbs and spices, that’s not. If it doesn’t provide value, it’s not content marketing. 

And what’s even better? It doesn’t have to cost you a dime.

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